From the birth of the brand, Elevate was born. Approached with the opportunity to create yet another cannabis brand, we took the highroad and headed for the mountains. We created the name, packaging, website, sales collateral, brand book and well, everything else. Let Wick & Mortar help tell your story.



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Most branded Producer/Processors still don’t utilize the web as it was intended. As you might notice, we’ve included pages that allow consumers to search for products, an area where retailers can request samples, and pre-order through the retailer portal. We have the experience to create websites that yield actual results. 3 months after launching the Elevate website, they could be found in over 20 retailers across Washington State. Let Wick & Mortar put you on the map.



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The road less traveled is now being lit by those willing to walk the talk. Elevate Cannabis Company is and will always be one of those brands that lingers, not as an after thought but as the standard for superior quality. No shortcuts taken and with every “T” crossed, we created sales collateral all while telling just another part of Elevate’s story.






Some brand books stick to visuals only, covering logo use, color palettes, typography and other graphical standards. Other brand books incorporate language and tone, usually outlining words to emphasize or avoid. (Of course, as wordsmiths, we lean towards these for a more well-rounded approach.) Others go a step further and outline not only the mission or vision of the organization, but the brand promise.







The struggle is real! Many producers and processors are coming to market claiming they have the best weed and the best growers… Well that’s fine and all, but it takes more than just good weed to sell it. Advertising reinforces brand loyalty, trust and security. It’s that constant reminder you give to consumers that identifies you for being you. That’s what we’ve done for Elevate and that’s why they’re quickly becoming one of the most well known and fastest growing cannabis brands in Washington State!



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